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BUILDING from Scratch

You won’t find any tractors, tillers, or drip tape on our farm! We do everything we do by hand and with love for all the living things around us. After all, as farmers, we only really do a small portion of the work– creating a space for things to grow. The seeds are really the ones that know how to grow; and the plants, animals, fungi and bacteria do all of the real work. We just get to come by and harvest! A farmer’s life is the life for us! Thank you for your interest and support. (Please feel free to e-mail any questions or concerns you may have. We do accept donations for wildlife habitat restoration, please contact us for further information.)

We are WILD

At Wildhood Farm, our focus is to provide and enhance habitat for native wild species (from soil micro-organisms to plants and beasts). This, in turn, enhances our overall farm ecosystem. Why do more work when nature wants to take care of things like pests and soil fertility for you? Using ancient indigenous agricultural techniques, as well as traditional Old World practices, we focus on drought-adapted methods of raising hardy, “semi-wild” produce. The plants we grow must be tough and able to withstand extremes of all kinds (heat, cold, dry, high elevation, etc.). We do this in an effort to ensure some form of food sustainability, even with the pressures of climate change– whatever forms that change may take.


The health of our local (and global) environment as well as the well-being of our neighboring wildlife is our primary concern at Wildhood Farm. We use a hybrid of ancient agricultural methods, developed by both the indigenous peoples of our regional arid environments as well as the ancient indigenous peoples of Europe and Asia. This is how we preserve water in the soil, instead of relying on 

.modern industrial techniques


We NEVER use ANY chemicals on our farm (even those that are OMRI Certified), and strongly encourage all other growers to do the same. We try to maintain and enhance the ecosystem on our farm to achieve things like soil fertility, pest management, and pollination, instead of relying on store-bought inputs. If we could be “Ecology Certified” or “Wild Certified” or “Ancient Agriculture Certified and Grandmother Spider Approved” we would, but alas we must simply explain why we are a special version, or niche, within the certification of



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