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Wildcrafted Herbs

Incorporating wild, seasonal foods into one’s daily diet is an excellent way to help maintain balanced health.*

Wildhood Farm herbs, tisanes, and wildcrafted mixes are an easy way to get started on going WILD!


*All statements made about the potential health benefits of our products have not been assessed or verified by the FDA.

All of our herbal products are organically grown or are wildcrafted from pristine sources. 

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This is the “proper” name for herbal “teas,” that technically do not contain any actual tea. Our tisanes are harvested fresh, seasonally, so the proportions of the various ingredients may change from season to season, as well as from year to year. These are high-quality, hand-harvested, whole-leaf [or blossom] loose teas, so availability is limited and there are no tea bags involved, so a strainer or cheesecloth may be desired for use. 

"Soup Greens" & Wildcrafted Mixes

This is a combination of various freshly harvested wild greens. These greens naturally have much higher levels of nutrition than their domesticated and store-bought counterparts. Add to soups, pastas, sauces, casseroles, and anything you would add dried herbs to, to increase the overall nutritional value of your meal, as well as maintain seasonal health through the use of wild foods.

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Medicinal Herbs

These freshly harvested herbs are raised in such a way as to increase the concentration of the various beneficial compounds and essential oils found naturally in these plant allies.

Culinary Herbs

These freshly harvested herbs are guaranteed to offer the chefs out there superior flavor, color, texture—and subsequently, medicinal—characteristics when compared to the typical supermarket offerings. (Please compare our products to those offered by companies like Frontier and McCormick.)

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