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 "I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I love what you are doing. I love the products you offer. I love the kinds of things that you are advocating. And I love the beautiful website formatting! I hope to be running a similar kind of show one day in the near future, starting with expanding my apiary, and probably growing some mushrooms. Keep up the good work..." --Adam


Skyler, Tyler, & Kyle beekeeping with us and on our farm

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"They [the birds] raised four hatches of babies the very first year! [That the birdhouse installed]" --Lorey

Bain Family Bat House

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"I just wanted to say how happy I am that ya'll are up there carrying on... I enjoy receiving your e-mails and I celebrate your repurposed greenhouse!!!" --Juli 


"Just wanted to say that we put up the little house for mason bees that we got from you and we have a prolific Apple crop this year for the first time in several years! Thank you!" --Arlo


"I love bluebirds and had wanted to attract a brood for some time. I'd built my own birdhouse and had only attracted sparrows. Then, we purchased the birdhouses from Wildhood Farm. Within a day of putting up the bluebird house, a pair started building a nest. We had two successful nestings that summer. Such fun to watch the baby birds fledge. There were 5 in the first nesting!”--Anne-Marie, Bruce & Marielle


"New addition at Satoyama curtesy of Wildhood Farm and Zachary the builder! Come home birds!!" --Frank

Slay, Skyler, Tyler, & Kyle on the Farm

"A Mason Bee (Osmia ribifloris) seals a nesting cell in our Bee Hotel." -- Plants of the Southwest Albuquerque


"We look forward to hearing from you."

Jasmine & Zach

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